Paul Pisig, Founder

How It All Started

     In 2010, I continued my journey as an entrepreneur and started my own photobooth business and created Pictureista Photography Services. As far as I remember, it was the first photobooth provider that educated its clientele that there was no such a thing as “unlimited printing” in the photobooth industry. I knew I had to offer something different to the market in a practically quite new industry. So I told myself, “What the heck? I will put Honesty as my selling advantage over my competitors.” And you know what? Indeed, Honesty sells! Starting with just one photobooth setup, I was able to put up my second booth in just a matter of 3 months. And this was the time when a quality photo printer alone costed PHP95,000. (Kaway-kaway sa may mga ganitong photo printers!)

     The whole year of 2010 was just incredible! I was able to get my ROI in less than 8 months. Pictureista was the go-to photobooth provider of markets A-C. Then 2011 came. This was the year when affordable photo printers were introduced to the market and suddenly, it was like everybody wanted to get a piece of the pie in the photobooth market. One can setup his own photobooth for 1/3 of the cost of my initial investment. And surprisingly, “new comers” would offer a package as low as PHP2,500 for 2 hours. It was a what-the-fuck moment for sure!

     Then, educating my new clientele regarding the quality both of my booth’s printouts and of my services in general had began to become tiresome to the point that I just decided to let the business go. I would never sacrifice and compromise quality over pricing. So I created my exit plan and decided to just go back to my first company, which is the Digital Marketing agency.

     Digital Marketing has always been my core expertise. I started my marketing agency in 2009 and got the chance to work with various SME’s, big corporations, and high-profiled politicians. And over the past years, I have also started to love doing events to a point that I managed to handle talents between 2012 and 2015. They were all Class A event host-singers. During these years, I only do talent management on the side. One day, a million-peso idea struck me and asked myself, “What if I do this on a national level?” I had this idea not because of the earning potentials but rather, I wanted to extend help to other “untapped” talents out there who have not been given a chance to showcase what they can offer to the public. I mean, I already have the marketing prowess (naks!) so why not leverage on that? The next big question is HOW!?

     So in 2015, I was fortunate enough to acquire the domain name “”. It felt like I have won the lottery! Frankly, I wondered why there were no other crazy minds out there who would have thought about buying this branding. Or was I the only crazy bitch (yes, I’m gay so deal with it!) who thought about managing talents on a nationwide scale? Still, at the end of the day, my million-peso idea continued to give me this million-peso question: HOW.

     How do you manage talents coming from all over the Philippines and not spend tons of money in business operations (like travel expenses for meetings and marketing)?

     Unfortunately, that same year was the year when I only began learning about advanced web development. My digital marketing agency was only focusing on mobile, email, and social media management services. So I tried to outsource the task of developing the website for Talents.PH. However, after settling the down payment, the IT company that I trusted failed to deliver. Bummer!

     The next logical thing for me to do was further my skill in web development so I can build the website myself. I focused my studies on WordPress platform as they captured a bigger market, including other big companies worldwide. Imagine, from utilizing (for my old websites) to developing, managing and hosting my own WordPress websites in my own cloud server and using Amazon Web Services. I guess that’s a pretty good step up!

     But the million-peso question remained: How do I pull-off the operations of Talents.PH?

     From time-to-time, we all experienced eureka! moments. And in August 2018, I had mine for this new project. Forget about the talent management business model. I realized that it would not work well for Talents.PH if I would pursue this on a massive scale. After getting inspiration from companies like SpareFoot and, I decided to develop an online platform instead — an online marketplace specifically for searching and booking Filipino talents in the events industry; A platform that also addresses and solves various horror stories between a client and a talent during events.

     And after months of tirelessly building the platform, I am proud to introduce you to my newest project: Talents.PH.

Do you have what it takes to be our next talent?